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That’s exactly what happened with HenderInk

The initial objective was just to share our portfolio, to have extra money, but over time the work grew and bigger projects emerged and greater responsibilities.

It’s amazing to see those few daily hits increasing week after week, month after month. Year after year.
And here we are.
We want to be more and more relevant in the digital artistic production market in the creative area in Brazil and who knows in the world, being a great reference for creation in the Designer Market.
We want to spread the seeds of creativity and motivate people to know and stimulate their creative side.
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How we think

Know what drives us, makes our hearts beat faster, and fuels every project we deliver.


Being an agency that best understands and conducts business with a focus on creativity, seeking innovation.


Seek creativity and innovation;
Embrace and drive change.


Decent valorization of the work;
Focus on performance and results;
Technical quality and continuous improvement.

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