What’s better? A unique website or a ready-made template?

How do you convince someone that a custom website is better than a ready-made template that you can buy online? Initially, there is no fixed answer. 

The best designs are those that solve problems and satisfy needs, and customization is not always the best strategy. Roughly speaking, a website is like a piece of dress, an idealized piece with basic functionality. Dresses exist as a very different form in our current society, they can bring a symbolism of ethnic representation or even a message of revolution, or to protect us and in the virtual world websites are a form of representation of our online persona.&nbsp ;


What’s the bestr option?

For some people, having a bespoke, perfectly molded, stylish and pompous dress with a unique identity is so important that they don’t bother paying millions for these benefits. . These people turn to the stylists and producers of exclusive brands, however, for others, the high cost is a huge unnecessary use of money or they cannot afford the service and opt for the more common ones. And they look for producers who produce more widely, with fewer different styles, aiming to serve as many people as possible in the shortest possible time.

Evaluating a design differs from evaluating a product. The Ferrari is meticulously hand-assembled, with the finest parts money can buy, with seats and finishes tailored to the customer’s choice. Do you think it’s a better car than the popular Chevrolet Onix built by the thousands? It is clear! But would Ferrari be the best transport solution for everyone? Of course not! Starting with price and utility!

The “best solution” for an executive to go to a business meeting is definitely not the “best solution” for a teenager to go to Rock in Rio and vice versa. Just as a unique website may be a necessity for large multinational corporations, but not for companies offering specific digital services, it is hardly the best option for small businesses, micro businesses, startups.

This new model of website creation is constantly changing and templates are just one of the solutions that have emerged to meet an ongoing need of high demand, which intensified after the pandemic. Facebook is also an example of online adaptation that has been creating its own reality, and has brought several businesses to its platform by creating pages for  this audience. WhatsApp creating payment methods to be able to integrate into stores without having to leave the platform. 

The reality is that there is a great competition online to get the public’s attention and staying attractive online is not easy, mainly depending on your availability of time and investment and for small businesses the Template can be, yes, the best option to start adapting to this new business model and to integrate and be part of the online community generating knowledge.

After the creation of the internet, this area never stopped growing, not even a day, and becoming integrated into our daily lives, so the market demands adaptation and those who don’t follow have failed to attract attention online. 


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